Introducing Dexy

I’m very proud to announce my new project Dexy. I’ve been working on Dexy for a few months, and I’ve been talking about the ideas behind Dexy for a few years now. If you have to write documents incorporating code or data analysis, then you should check it out. If you’re familiar with Sweave, then Dexy is a much more powerful alternative to Sweave.

Here’s the first blog post about Dexy.

This blog is currently written in webby, which I switched to because it was too frustrating to blog about code within WordPress. However, Dexy changes things. Dexy makes it really easy to blog about code using basically any blogging platform with an API.

I’ll be concentrating a lot of my efforts over at and (coming soon) so head over there if you’d like to follow a very exciting new open source project to make writing documentation awesome.