Hello world!

I am an economist and software developer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Now that Geoffrey Grossenbach has called my bluff about starting a blog, welcome to my hastily-put-together home page which will soon be replaced by a glorious new site designed by QHC.

Expert Friendly is my new site dedicated to demystifying the world of Command Line Interfaces. During my Ph.D. research, I became a convert to open source and the power of expert-friendly systems.


andy eggers 27 Jun 2007

I heard you on the Ruby on Rails Podcast (Women in Development) and enjoyed listening to what you had to say. I too am an academic type into Ruby and Rails and R and similar things, and I also have been impressed by how much people with some technical and some substantive knowledge can bring to the table. I’d like to know more about the workflow you described on the show.
Good luck with the blogging!

Michael Nelson 22 Jul 2007

Hello Ana
- amongst your obvious intellectual interests, have you explored your family tree?
Any information we might share?
Kind regards,

Katy G. B. 20 Aug 2007

*hi &hugs*,

i heard you &the other devChix on ruby on rails podcast and i just wanted to browse by and say thnx for everything you’re doing. i can’t tell you how excited &moving those two mp3s were for me. of course i’ve already joined LinuxChix mailing lists and i’ve applied for membership to devChix. but i just think what you, &the other women, are creating and starting is just so amazing &so needed &i’m just so grateful to have found these groups. thnx so so much.

*hugs* &take care,
Katy G. B.