Global Domination and Pacific Standard Time

Check out this bit of genius from the support page of MailBuild from the creators of my favourite web app Campaign Monitor:

Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm (Australian EST)
Right now it’s 2.58am on Monday

Wow, they got a computer to do the time zone conversion to Australian EST instead of expecting their customers to do it in their heads. One of the many ways they show how much they really love their customers.

In general, anyone who doesn’t live in California is a second-class temporal citizen and is expected to perform time zone conversion in their heads for things like, say, scheduled server downtime. This is a rather strange situation given that if you are running a business which has anything to do with the internet you are probably bent on global domination. So, here are today’s global domination pointers for all you xenophobic Californian internet entrepreneurs:

  • There are different time zones.
  • Someday, you might have a customer who lives in one.
  • It’s REALLY easy to set up a link to one of the many helpful and customizable pages on You don’t even have to dig into tzinfo to make your east coast or even foreign customers feel loved and included.

Look, Media Temple figured out how:

Thursday, October 11th 2007 11:30 PM - Midnight PDT

To see when this maintenance window will occur in a different timezone please visit:

We’ll talk about “zip codes” some other time.


Mathew Patterson 15 Oct 2007

Hey Ana,

We’re glad you find it helpful! When you live in Australia, you very quickly start to appreciate this kind of help, so it’s only sensible for us to provide it for our customers too.